Shampoo travel size

SHAMPO BIO MINI SIZE 100 MLThe holidays are coming, do not forget to pack the ECO-BIO Shampoo Shea, Jojoba, Lino, panthenol, also in the convenient 100 ml travel size.

Nourishing and conditioning, great for dry hair.

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The hydrolates, aromatic waters or floral?


Today we talk about hydrolates also called aromatic water or floral waters.

You do not know what they are? Well, it is time to explain that these cosmetic products, you can also find in our productions, are not “man-made chemicals” but the result of a process in a natural way from medicinal plants.

During distillation of the plant in fact two substances form: the hydrosol and essential oil.
They may be the perfect water-based cosmetics or use pure on the skin.

The advantage of their use is that they retain the beneficial properties of the plants from which they come and they can be used pure

We invite you to try our four hydrolates, all BIO, orange blossom, lavender, the Damask Rose and medicinal sage.

This is also part of our rich catalog of cosmetics eco organic, natural and organic and also certified.
Good Hydrolat to you all!

Our experience at SANA 2015

COCONUT OIL, the solution to a hot summer

coconut oilCoconut is an arboreal plant of Indo-Malaysian branch identified as Cocos Nucifera in the Arecaceae or palm family. Its fruit is everywhere known and appreciated by the name of coconut. Cultivated in all areas of the tropics, the coconut palm has a great importance in the economy due to its quality and its low cost and is used for the production of many food and industrial products.
The coconut is generally very rich in potassium and also contains zinc, iron, copper, phosphorus, magnesium and, to a lesser extent, other minerals. It brings a share of B vitamins and vitamins C, E, K and J. It is quite rich in amino acids, fiber and sugars. About half of its composition is water. From the coconut can be derived various various species of product: the water from the pulp is obtained, while from the inside of the coconut is obtained the coconut water, but above all, the most important is the oil derived from it.
The coconut oil, contrary to its definition of oil, is presented in solid form, rather similar to the consistency of the butter, it melts when it reaches the temperatures of 24 ° / 25 °, should not be stored in the fridge. The oil extracted from the coconut, is also considered an ally of nature and offers many effective solutions to many of our needs, having an impressive number of uses, from topical applications of beauty, to the first aid treatments, cleaning in general.

The use of vegetable coconut oil as Solar is indicated as they have a natural sun protection factor (SPF) nevertheless these oils may not be appropriate at the first exposure to the sun or for too pale skins during the hottest hours of the day.

To clean the face from the makeup residue is sufficient massaging the face and neck with a tablespoon of coconut oil and rub with a cotton pad.

Either alone or mixing it with the preferred essential oil is possible to produce a soft cream moisturizer and spreadable even at low temperatures whipping coconut oil with an electric mixer.

One or two drops of coconut oil applied at the ends of the hair and massaged on the tips after drying will give shine and fight the dryness of the area, often caused by the frequent use of hair dryer and iron. Applied as a pre-wash treatment, a small amount of coconut oil is able to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, making it more resistant to washing.

Brand cosmetic oils ‘Sapone di un tempo’: CARESS AFTER SPORT

The cosmetic oils have the prerogative of being versatile products that adapt, based on the composition of their ingredients, to a specific benefit and / or to meet a specific need.
‘Sapone di un tempo’ has designed for you a dedicated line for the needs of everyday life; in particular, in today’s post, we will cover oil cosmetic CARESS AFTER SPORT, useful for combating muscular fatigue, provide relief from joint pain and increase the sense of relaxation.

Massage oils and cosmetics oils

The secret lies within its formula, consisting of:
– Jojoba oil, excellent moisturizing and firming;
– Hemp, rich in Omega 6, acts as a natural antioxidant that plays an anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic action;
– Oleolito of Arnica, produced by maceration of the flowers of Arnica mounted in sunflower oil, has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties on the circulatory system trauma, muscle and osteoarticular apparatus;
– Essential oil Niaouly, circulatory stimulant which is attributed a light balsamic effect;
All the ingredients in it are certified as Green Natural Organic cosmetics by the Soil and Health agency

USE: Rub the product directly on the skin in the affected area, wet or dry, until it is completely absorbed.
If muscle pain, and contractures are persistent, the product can be applied several times during the day, with no contraindications.