The fundamental importance of Organic cosmetics today

The sector of Organic cosmetics is a source of great misunderstandings and knowledge sometimes too much fragmented.

Not being a sector yet covered by current legislation, the same term Biocosmetic often may indicate also very different characteristics.

So we want to give our customers and the consumer correct and full information.

Certificate authorities have, over the years, written private standards that differ from each other in some small part and other substantially.

So then, according to the certifying organism, the term Biocosmetic, can mean different things.

Which lines choose to follow Sapone Di Un Tempo

Sapone di un tempo has chosen to follow the Technical Regulations of Suolo e Salute, one of the most rigid and complicated, to give its customers the guarantee not only of a product that is of real quality Natural and Organic, but that all the production chain guaranteeing ecological and environmentally compatible standards.

Trough the certification Organic Cosmetics Suolo e Salute, a cosmetic can be certified in four different categories, each of which correspond definite percentage of Organic Ingredients, Natural Ingredients, Natural Ingredients of Natural Origin, Summary Ingredients.

Then becomes important, indeed crucial, that the labeling of the product is clear and you can infer the quality of Biocertificat cosmetic.

Suolo e Salute requires its certified companies to be shown on the label the correct descriptive words of the cosmetic features to give a clear signal of seriousness and transparency.

On the labels of our products is indeed reported the certified category, from which you can infer the amount of ingredients Organic and Natural.

What are the formalities and controls for Sapone Di Un Tempo to obtain and maintain the BIOCOSMESI Certification ?

We must made in the first place a clarification: to obtain the certified  of BIOCOSMESI the products are subjected to strict testing not only on the cosmetic itself, but on the whole production chain: raw material suppliers, production facilities, storage areas, final packaging of the product , transport etc ..

When you buy a cosmetic Certified Organic cosmetics you are assured not only of the quality of the final product but also the eco-sustainability of the entire production chain.

The company that intends to certify is required to provide all the technical documentation concerning the Laboratory and the product to be certified, raw materials, formulation and packaging. It then made a first very thorough document checks, and then perform an inspection visit on the factory during production.

In this delicate moment the inspector check that they observe all the rules of discipline, examines the management of raw materials and records, witness the production itself, and finally checks the storage process of the finished product and the mode of transport / shipping .
Only after the inspection is successful, the Technical Committee for Suolo e Salute approves the company’s compliance and issues a Biocosmesi Compliance Certificate.

In order to ultimately retain certification, annual audits are conducted in Production Laboratory of Sapone Di Un Tempo.

It s’clear that, behind the purchase of a certified product Organic cosmetics, it also buys a guarantee that not only the product has been duly checked and then certified, but also the entire “life cycle” responds to ecological sustainability criteria: from the delivery of raw material in the company, to the delivery of finished products to the end user (specialist shops, beauticians, health food stores, etc.).