Organic cosmetics daily hygiene

Our body and our planet are unique.

Why use synthetic products when does nature offer us a range of raw materials and active principles used by equally valid centuries but also respectful of the person and the environment? From this question arises the full line of organic and natural cleanings certificated for SAPONE DI UN TEMPO body care and hair. Aloe Vera organic juice forms the heart and all its regenerating, protective, emollient, soothing, healing capacity are present in our shower, shampoo, hand and body cleansers, intimate.

Depending on the product it have been used  most suitable and delicate vegetable surfactants but absolutely effective and cleaning power, all licensed by major disciplinary for bio cosmetics. For each product, in addition to Aloe Vera juice, we have brought togheter the most effective specific active principles that make it unique: Shea-tree, Jojoba, Burdock, Chamomile, Petitgrain, Linen, Niaouly, Lavender, Palmarosa, Panthenol, Anise, Orange, they are only some of the ingredients used.

The fragrances derive only from the selected pure essential oils as well as for the perfume  to also strengthen and enhance the properties of the formula. The strength and effectiveness of nature in respect of the person and the environment.