Massage oils

An innovative line of natural and biological massage oils for the body, studied specifically for the different needs.

As common feature we’ve chosen Jojoba biological oil because without glycerin and, above all, vehicle for the other noble oils, having a similar lipid composition that of the skin that it allows an easy absorption.

Avocado, Red grapevine, Black currant, Rice, Sesame, Macadamia, Borage, Hemp, Arnica, Devil’s claw are other oils that we’ve used to create, thanks to their properties, some unique and natural products to 100%.

All products have been scented delicately with only essential oils like Officinal Lavender, Clary sage, Palmarosa, Niaouly, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood, that strengthen and enhance the properties of the formula.

Nature’s strength and effectiveness in respect of person and environment.

Cosmetics oil

Vegetable oils, precious ingredients for care and maintenance of well-being of skin and hair, they are generally obtained by cold pressing of seeds and fruits.

Composed primarily of fatty acids and vitamins indispensable to our health and our beauty.

They are structurally compatible with our skin, they strengthen the lipid barrier, avoiding desiccation, desquamation, itch, maintaining or giving again elasticity, softness, firmness, tone and hydration.

They can be applied pure or mixed, or still they can act as carriers for essential oils enriching them with their properties.