Shea-tree butters

Shea butter is extracted from a small nut, fruit of Shea tree. This tree grows in Africa spontaneously.

To extract  shea  butter  from the nuts is a job done mostly by African women manually in a long process. The fruits are picked up, the pulp is removed up to the small nut that is dried or roasted.

The nut is reduced to a pulp, kneaded and worked by hand, until the fat part coagulates and it is separated from water. At this point the butter is melted to separate it from shell residues and solidified.

Shea butter has emollient, nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant property that make it a great natural product for skin care even more delicate. Shea butter is a multipurpose natural cosmetic: it can be used as a unique product for moisturizing and for nourishment of skin of the body, hands and face; it will replace  moisturizing cream for the body if after a bath or shower it is applied and massaged in small amounts on wet skin; useful and effective as a compress for particularly dry and brittle hair, as for soothing insect bites, as sedative in cases of small burns, as emollient after shaving, as regenerating in the case of craking colds and cold for lips, hands and feet.

SAPONE DI UN TEMPO uses biological pure Shea butter at 100% or combined with other oils to strengthen and enhance the property.
By nature and tradition a unique and indispensable cosmetic in respect of the person and the environment!