Products for somebody else

Sapone di un tempo, in addition to its own brand lines, produces third parties to personalized customer logo ensuring quality and technical support via a flexible and modular service based on customer needs.

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Research and Development

Our laboratory Research and Development is developing formulations designed according to the requests made.

The planning capacity based on the characteristics of the desired product (features, textures, active ingredients, fragrance, color, packaging), our professionalism, the quality of the raw materials used and the efficiency of our production workshop make every product both unique and original.

Quality at 360 degrees

Sapone di un tempo guarantees the quality of the finished products by monitoring every stage of the production cycle from raw materials to packaging, to the control of physical and chemical and microbiological specifications until the dermatological tests and evaluation of effectiveness on the finished product, thanks to the collaboration with University institutions.

Good Manufacturing Standards

Each stage of production from the purchase of raw materials to packaging is done within the company following the Good Manufacturing Standards.

Natural and Organic Cosmetics

Sapone di un tempo is also certified as a Laboratory of Natural Cosmetics and Organic Production, and has currently been certified Organic cosmetics for about 100 references. We can then offer certified products and / or certified according to different national and international existing certification schemes, even the most rigid in the industry.

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