Organic cosmetics, natural soap, biological soap

Natural soap SAPONE DI UN TEMPO is produced and cold-worked according to centuries-old tradition of master Soapmakers.

To realize our soap we use wooden containers in the open air and all the processes are done at room temperature. The basic ingredients are of plant origin: coconut oil, olive oil, herbal extracts, organic products, perfumes and natural colors. The saponification process begins in the mixer and continues for a few days in wood containers. The cut of the final block formed Inside the caissons is still done by hand, as well as all other operations.

During processing are definitely not used fats animal or industrial.

This saponification process, occurring at a very low temperature, makes the soap soft and elastic and the foam that releases naturally cleanses even the most sensitive skins.

SAPONE DI UN TEMPO has a modern production plant for detergents and similar.

The whole production area it has been prepared according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP ISO 22716).

Our cleaners are produced in stainless steel mixers by qualified and skilled staff. The finished product is then automatically sent to the packaging line where is dosed in vials of different type and volume, capped and labeled in an automatic, safe and efficient way.

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